By Aneaka Gibbs-David

Sunday, 26 November 2017

A Home for Two: A Blushy Mustard Vibe

It has been just over a year since my boyfriend and I bought our first home together and apart from purchasing the essentials, I am embarrassed to admit that we have yet to do any actual decorating. To be honest, finances have been an issue (it's expensive to own a home) and we just didn't know what aesthetic we wanted to go for.  However, this has given us ample opportunity to spend hours trolling through Pinterest, to purchase all the different home magazines and to visit as many homeware departments we can find in London. It has also allowed us as well as our bank account time to settle into this new but exciting chapter of our life together.  

Now I can finally say the time has come where we can now start turning our spacious 1 bedroom flat into a cosy home for a family of two and the first stop is the bedroom. Purchasing a bed was an essential item on our list when we first moved in and the most expensive, for us it was important to invest a good quality bed and decided to go for a Feather and Black king size ottoman in mustard yellow.

This has become the focal point for our colour scheme in the rest of the room. We decided to go for a blushy mustard vibe, as we love bold colours and it matches our personalities.  I created this mood board of all the ideas we came up with together and I have to admit I absolutely love it, it is exactly how we would want our room to look like. This has made me even more excited to start the process and share it on my blog.  I cannot wait to share my purchases and the finished result!!

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